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Firstly, we take the time to examine your existing internal and external corporate communications. Together, we discuss your wishes, define your goals, develop an effective communications plan. There are three areas of corporate communications: external communications concerning the company, external communication concerning the product range and internal communications. To maximize your success, all three of these areas must be supported equally.

Following a careful analysis of internal acceptance, we’ll show you how to improve your internal communications structures. The result will be closer contact with employees and colleagues. We’ll help you introduce corporate television, offer advice to your internal communications team and suggest how existing methods of communication can be employed more effectively.
Using internal workshops, employee questionnaires and feedback sessions, you can really get in touch with your staff, permanently improving the dialogue between employees, managers and colleagues. Tools such as the intranet, project blogs, CEO blogs, newsletters and the like keep those working in your company informed and included.

After taking a detailed look at your current external communications strategy, we’ll work with your existing communications team to improve and optimise how your company is presented to the world. With internet appearances, articles in the specialist press, press releases, participation in industry events, interviews and corporate TV, we can strengthen your media presence and make sure the right people are hearing your message.

Working with you, we’ll develop a corporate wording. We’ll help your internal communications department to formulate image texts, plans for the future and the company website. Together we’ll set out guidelines and rules for the language used in internal and external communications. Existing texts will be evaluated and, where necessary, rewritten. We’ll produce an image film in accordance with your wishes and expectations; this will support your company’s communications strategy both within the company and with the rest of the world.

Thanks to continuous monitoring and evaluation, we can react promptly to the reactions of stakeholders or the general public in order to deal with problems before they become crises. We can also work actively to improve your company’s reputation and recognition value.

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