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Crisis Communication

Most crises take time to develop and can often be predicted before they really materialise. Nevertheless, when it comes down to taking action and responding to a serious problem, many managers are overwhelmed.

At brain script, we can help you and your company to prevent or minimize problems before they reach a critical point. We can also advise you how best to prepare for possible future crises.

If the crisis has already broken, we’ll be at your side to advise and assist through the most difficult times. Following the acute phase, we’ll help you to analyse what went wrong and where you may need to change internal processes.

In a crisis situation, it’s essential to act quickly. That’s the only way to keep the damage – both financial and to your image – to a minimum. We’ll help you achieve the best possible result from this phase of your business life and make sure you come out the other side stronger than ever.

We’ll show you how to get you side of the story across to the media, politicians, the authorities, your staff and customers and the general public. It’s only through pro-active dialogue that you’ll come out of a crisis situation with the minimum possible damage. Our task at brain script is to make a difficult situation as easy as possible.

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