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Digital Fingerprint Optimization (DFO) / Social Media Marketing

We can help!

Together with our partner network, we can position your digital fingerprint where you want to see it on the internet and ensure plenty of positive feedback. We’ll find the right place on the internet for you, your company and the issues that concern you, making sure you attract the right kind of attention.

There are many methods we use to achieve these aims. Firstly, we analyse your requirements in order to create an individual solution, designed to achieve your goals. All areas of your internet presence will be reviewed and adjusted to deliver a coherent whole. We’ll help you with SEO – Search Engine Optimization – to make sure your website is noticed by search engines. We’ll also spread articles and posts relevant to your issues on social platforms and blogs. Additionally, we can create “neutral” topic-based platforms where the content is largely steered by your requirements.


In four steps, we'll optimize your digital fingerprint:

1. Social Media Analysis: Analysis of all web content concerning you and your company.

2. Social Media Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of all internet-based opinion formers and other major players relevant to your area of interest.

3. Social Media Activation: Direct intervention concerning web content. Cooperation with and lobbying of influential internet users. Positive manipulation of relevant platforms and strategic expansion of your coverage in the digital media.

4. Social Media Development: Publication of items such as product information, company news or other items of interest on blogs or social networking platforms. The inclusion of your customers and network partners in the development of products and services. The creation of social media content and campaigns.

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