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PR strategy consulting and implementing

You want to place your company or product in a positive light with the media or the general public? You are planning a product launch or a repositioning of your company?

Following a detailed examination of your current position, we will deliver a comprehensive, thought through strategy. Together with you, we’ll identify short and long-term goals, resulting in a realignment of your reputation or an effective product placement in the media. We’ll help your company with an appropriate campaign development and delivery and can advise on all aspects of company, brand and product communication.

In order to achieve effective reputation management, we’ll clarify with you which groups and companies affect your own reputation, either positively or negatively, and which criteria operate here. We also examine how your company is viewed by the competition and why you have that reputation within your own sector.

Alongside a detailed market analysis, we’ll question relevant interest groups in order to get a fully rounded picture of your reputation and be able to enter an ideal dialogue with your stakeholders. Three factors are crucial to the success of this concept: timeliness, excellent content and choosing the right channels to communicate your message. Working with you, we’ll identify the right approach, thus achieving best possible results.

Alongside analysis and strategy development, we’ll plan your brand publishing (corporate television, intranet, in-house newspaper, newsletter, CEO blog etc.) and your multi-media brand presentation using films and events aimed at your target audience.

Thanks to continuous monitoring and evaluation, we can react promptly to the reactions of stakeholders or the general public in order to deal with problems before they become crises. We can also work actively to improve your company’s reputation and recognition value.

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