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Boeing 757-300 in front of the Boeing hangars in Seattle, WAGennadi Sjuganow head of the Russian Communist Party, MoscowCouple at the beach, San Francisco Bay, CA (USA) / Wailing wall and Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem (Israel) Hong Kong BirdmarketAt the Costa Rican - Nicaraguan border
The highest Swiss mountain Peak Dufour at the Monta RosaReport on the OSCE mandate at the Caucasus (Georgia) Palestinian kids (West Bank)construction site Sony Center (Berlin)Nikolai A. Behr, Mount Hermon, West Bank (Israel)Roadtrain (Australien) / Roadtrain (Austrailia)
At the Ermitage Museum St. petersburg (Russia) a top the Chetchenyan-Georgian border at the Caucasus mountainsRoter Platz Moskau (Russland) / Red Square Moscow (Russia) historic Mercedes Benz convertibleWorld Media Award 2004: Dr. Nikolai A. Behr (BMW Group) and Achim Beisswenger (Bavaria Film Interactive)Stop sign in Dubai (VAE)VW Volkswagen Touareg at the Oman desert
historic Volkswagen Beetle25th anniversary of the record series TKKG (2006 in Munich)Nikolai A. Behr during a shooting for BMW TVBell UD-1H at the Monashee Maountains British Columbia (Canada)Pope Benedict 16th at his visit in Munich (Germany)Heliskiing at the Monashees, British Columbia (Canada)
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brain script produces all kinds of film and video products for its clients. From classic corporate television to image films, from ad spots to footage for distribution to news outlets. Depending on the client's needs and preferences, the end audience and the message being communicated, different techniques and visual languages will be employed. brain script's clients profit from our many years of television experience and large network within the media scene.